Everything is about your inner fear!

I want to do something, but I can’t do that. How can I do that? I want to achieve some thing big in my life, but I can’t do this because I am not qualified for this. Others around us said that you are not appropriate for this. You cannot do this. This is not your job. You are wasting your time. How can You do this? The society where we have to live always tried to let us down. why You need to do this? These are all our fears and sayings of people around us that always tried to demotivate us.¬†All things that matter is the inner fear that I am not capable of doing nothing. that fear is learned or impinged on us from the people around us that have done nothing big in their life.


The things that hurdles you from achieving something is yourself and inner fear. Fear impede our self to move froward. How one can recognize the inner fear? We have locked ourselves inside us. It seems like that we are the enemy of ourselves. Until you recognized yourself and your potential and abilities never get any thing big in life.

Strength is within you if you overcome your fear. Don’t let your fear to control you.

It’s also called the You-Phobia. That is the ridiculous and absurd fear of being yourself when you let others opinions of you matter more than what you think of yourself. This fear hinder your growth and greatly diminish your chance of finding happiness.

So, it’s better to overcome your fears and find strength in you.

If someone wants to achieve something great, find strength in you and just believe in you.9004661ee67a271069e75981cb8291d6